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The four cogs needed to drive integrated management.

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Some have defined "world class quality" as being the "best of the best". It thus seems unattainable. It is attainable, and the four cogs which drive it are easily adopted by all sizes of organisations. Dr W.E Deming called this wheel the "System of Profound Knowledge".

Understanding it and applying it could change your business and organisation dramatically.
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Systems Thinking
Intergrated Management requires seeing your organisation as a system; then you can know what processes to optimise to benefit the whole,

Understanding Variation
Every system has variation; without understanding what messages the variation is telling us we can't determine the best actions to take.

A system made up of people will be effected by the psyschology of individuals and groups. Without understaning this we can not hope to manage the system,

Theory of Knowledge
Successful organisations are learning orgnanisations. Understanding how to become and remain a learning organisation is key to intergrated management of successul organisations.

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We deliver lasting and effective business transformation. We do this by following the principles of 4th Generation Management suggested by Brian Joiner who himself followed the writings of W.E.Deming.

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Overview: BetterChange (Wales) Ltd is the result of seeing two worlds which need to work together to be powerful. We bring together Accounting skills and Operational Excellence knowledge. By bringing the two together we believe we offer a hugh resource to business who wish to provide quality and improve their processes. Our moto; Business Excellence is obtainable!

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