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Achieve Better Results with minimum effort !

Business Excellence is Achievable: We have the right mix of skills to help you along the road of improvement

Combining Financial Managment and Quality Excellence

Financial Management
 A good FD will keep an eye on both the finances and the operations of the business. He or she will know that good operations create good results, and that poor financial management can cause a disaster. If you need operational excellent, think of the power of joining both these skill together!

Operational Excellence and Change Management 
We work with our clients through management training and workshops to ensure that the best results are achieved with the minimum of effort. Acheiving Business Excellence.  One waste we wish to avoid is that of underutlised staff.
Fully utilised and motivated staff bring total quality to a business.

Introducing Us

discover the 4 ways we can help you effectively get better results!

Financial Management Experience
Kim has 30 years experience in FInancial Management, learning how to provide useful and relevant information to Management. Without Data decisions can not be made. Without correct data correct decisions can not be made. Without timely information decisions can not be made quickly.
Kim as worked as a Financial Director in Medium Size organisations and as Group Controller for a large public engineering company.
He is versed in communiating relevant data quickly. He can bring his Quality Excellence experience to benefit Financial and Accounting processes, ensuring timely and relevant information is brought to the benefit of management.

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Process Excellence and Quality Management
Kim has 20 years experience as a consultant in Operational and Business Excellence, with many case stories to show the benefit of his approach. He has worked in many sectors to aid businesses in improvement of results by delivering quality. With experience ranging from engineering, manufacture, process engineering, Public Sector (Central and Local Government), NHS, Pharaceuticals, Logistics, call centres on wide ranging tasks such a centralisation or decentralisation it is unlikely that your problem will not have elements he has not encountered before. We use no one methodology, beleiving the right tool is needed for each problem. We are able and qualifed to use Lean, SIx Sigma, Appreciative Inquiry and NLP methods.

Overview: BetterChange (Wales) Ltd is the result of seeing two worlds which need to work together to be powerful. We bring together Accounting skills and Operational Excellence knowledge. By bringing the two together we believe we offer a hugh resource to business who wish to provide quality and improve their processes. Our moto; Business Excellence is obtainable!

Workshops and Training (In House and Pulbic)
On site improvement activities in any area of sector (Kaizen events)
Business Efficiency advce

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