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How it works: Achieving world class quality Case Studies

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We have worked in a wide range of sectors and areas; World class quality can be applied anywhere. These case studies are just a few examples of what we are able to do.

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Quality is not brought in from the outside. It must grow from the inside. We therefore work with companies to help them introduce new ways of doing things. These case studies are not therefore our own work; we facilitated the client's discovery of better ways of doing things.

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Case Studies

Cash Collection
Client: Large international Company
Issue: Long Term outstanding Receivables.

The client required collection of long term outstaning debts. This is not an unusual problem, and we were able to help, based on previous experience of the same issue.

At the same time as resolving the problem we discussed with management that we should really address why the situation had arisen.

After documenting the process of debt creation and resolution it was clear there were a number of key concerns to be addressed. This required the team gathered live data with regard to a number of sub-processes.

Outcome: The outstanding receivables, in excess of £1 million were recovered and measures taken to ensure the issue did not re-occur. From then on the process recovered all outstandables, and no outstanding debt was allowed to reoccur.

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In house production problem
Client: International Process Production Company
Issue: Failure of own produced production components.

The client manufactured a component for its own production process using advanced and unusual technology. The life expectancy of this part was much less than the purchased items, and they were not able to produce as many as needed to prevent external purchase.

The production time of the item needed to be reduced, and the quality of the item improved.

The production team documented the process and then investigated areas for concern. Using methodologies given to them they were able to resolve both issues and produce a part of better quality than the outsourced item and were able to produce as many as required for the production process.

Outcome: The company was able to insource its supply of this critical component, saving around £400,000 per month on an ongoing basis.

Insurance Claims Process
Client: National insurance company
Issue: Claims Process was taking too long.

Method: Working with the claims team the process was investigated and a detailed understanding of why the delays occured was found.

A number of possible solutions were found. The best of these were trialed on a short term basis and a decision made of which to implement.

The new process was introduced and closely monitored for a short time. Data was gathered which proved the new process to be a success, reducing the times for claims considerably and beyond the targeted levels.

Outcome: Claims were handled faster and more efficiently. Customers were happy and staff more content. It was not necessary to recruit more staff; existing staff could absorb additional tasks.

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