We deliver workshops whcih allow participants to engage explore the subjects being discussed. We encourage participants to take away and apply their learnings.

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Inspiring Business Excellence

Meeting Management
* Learn how to handle shorter and effective meetings.
* Learn How to gain consensus in difficult meetings. Have everyone on one page.

Project Planning
Forget PRINCE 2 and concentrate on your team having a common tool which is easy and inexpensive to use:
* Introduction to the 7 Management and Planning tools.
* Learn the 7 Management and Planning tools with a real project.

Operational Excellence
Learn how to apply lean and six sigma methodologies to improve all your business processes:
* Introduction into Process Excellence
* Introduction into SYstems Thinking
* Learn LSS to Green Belt level whilst improving a process
* Learn LSS BlackBelt level skills to extend your internal capability.

In House or Public Events

Better Change are specialists in delivering process excellence. This can take many forms, and we cater for our clients various requirements:
¤ organisational and strategic review to determine areas to address to resolve any issues.
¤ workshops to improve processes, developing skills of staff at the same time as making improvements.
¤ In-house bespoke training delivered to address your concerns.

Business Process Excellence attainable!

t need not be a dream. There are many elements which combine together to deliver excellence across an organisation:
- Understand the organisation at a high level
- Understand and agree with the customer what they expect from the organisation.
- Involve everyone in the organisation in embracing a culture of excellence.
- Encourage everyone to seek opportunities contunually.
- Define appropriate measures of performance and teach everyone how to interpret the data that is produced.

specific training and workshops 

Overview: BetterChange (Wales) Ltd is the result of seeing two worlds which need to work together to be powerful. We bring together Accounting skills and Operational Excellence knowledge. By bringing the two together we believe we offer a hugh resource to business who wish to provide quality and improve their processes. Our moto; Business Excellence is obtainable!

Workshops and Training (In House and Pulbic)
On site improvement activities in any area of sector (Kaizen events)
Business Efficiency advce

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