Strength Based Change

We practice Solutions Focus, Appreciatice Inquiry

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strength based lean six sigma
Appreciative inquiry

Traditional and standard forms of process excellence use a weakness based approach. This is based upon addressing problems in the organisation. This starts any progam of improvement off on a negative footing. Starting from negative thoughts can spread this negative influence on the whole organisation.
It is therefore better to start from a strength or positive base. Instead of address negative aspects, what the organisation does well is celebrated and further improvements are based on what is already done well. This leads to lasting and meaningful transformation.

I am indebted to David Shaked of Almond Insight for his thoughts in this important area of process improvement. Follow the link to learn moe about David's leading thought in this area, or the link below to discover how lean six-sigma may benefit from a strength based approach.
We follow the route of "Appreciative Inquiry" which replaces conventional deficit based "problems solving" approaches with colaborative ways to envision and design a new future for an organisation or business.

Overview: BetterChange (Wales) Ltd  deliver Strength Based Change  and Appreciative Inquiry together with Consensus Decision making meetings.

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