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Training and Workshops

Finance and Accounting
With experience as a Financial Manager Kim can assist you with Financial Management issues, with by acting as a virtual Financial Director or Non Executive Director. With a strong background in both Accounting; Finance and Process Excellence, Kim brings an ideal mix of skills to help you develop and improve you business.

With more than 15 years experience in Training and Learning Design we are well placed to meet your training needs. We run training events through out the year, or we can run in-house events to meet your specific needs.

Workshops are problem or process orientated training sessions. They are designed to help participants resolve particular issues.

Team and Individual Coaching
With experience of addressing most business issues, we are able to help teams or individuals over come business issues. 


Our Pricing is flexible; we aim to try to accommodate any interested customer: Talk to us if you are interested in our services:
☼ Hourly: £30.00 per hour
☼ Daily: £150.00 per day
☼ Week course or workshop : £600.00 (pro-rata per day for other courses).
Expenses: (normally restricted to travel, subject to agreement,

Business Process Excellence attainable!

It need not be a dream. There are many elements which combine together to deliver excellence across an organisation:
We can help you achieve it. Contact us!

development workshops 

Overview: BetterChange (Wales) Ltd is the result of seeing two worlds which need to work together to be powerful. We bring together Accounting skills and Operational Excellence knowledge. By bringing the two together we believe we offer a hugh resource to business who wish to provide quality and improve their processes. Our moto; Business Excellence is obtainable!

Workshops and Training (In House and Pulbic)
On site improvement activities in any area of sector (Kaizen events)
Business Efficiency advce

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