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Is World Class Quality Acheivable?

Yes World Class Quality can be achieved.

What world class Quality is NOT?
There is much discussion about what World Class Quality really is.
Some make bland statements, such as being "the best of the best".
Others refer to extremely low failure rates - around less than 3 per million instances.
These lead small businesses to believe they can not acheive World Class Quality.

So what is World Class Quality?
A Japanese engineer and statisician called Genici Taguchi defined it this way:
"On target with minimum variation"
That means making a product or providing a service at the level that the customer needs with very little variation in different products or services.
There is no reason that any business can not attain this definition.

How to achieve World Class Quality

Why Bother?

Taguchi showed that by failing to be "on target" we incur extra and needless costs. So by being World Class Quality you will have less cost and your customers will be delighted and keep coming back to you.

Why would small businesses not wish to follow this?

How to do it?

The essence of achieving world class quality lies in practicing Continual Improvement.
By understanding day to day variation in the process actions can be taken to reduce the variation. This will result in World Class Quality. Achievable!

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